Easily Import Listings

Easily Import Your Listings!

Auto-Create A Property Site in Seconds!

If you've already entered your listing into your local MLS, we can auto-import it and create your property site using just the MLS number! You can now create a demo site for an agent in seconds. We will import your listing into our site, including high resolution images, and auto-create a property site for you. Plus, if you're already using a similar service, you can now transfer your listings in a matter of minutes.

Create a Property Site During Your Agent Meeting

Imagine the impact you can leave by creating a property site from an agent's listings right in front of their eyes. Let's face it: agents are busy, and convincing them to use any new service can be a hurdle. Remove their biggest objection by showing them how easy it is to dramatically upgrade their marketing and their image!

We'll automitcally import all the information about the property we can find, including high resolution photos, neighborhood info, and more. After uploading, you or the agent can edit the property site and add more information.

Transfer All Your Agent's Listings in Minutes

If you're already working with real estate agents using a similar program, making the switch is easy! Just enter the mls numbers, and we'll do the rest! You can transfer dozens of listings in just a few minutes.

Get Started Today!

The best way to learn about our system is to try it out yourself. We offer a free 10 day trial, and you can cancel anytime painlessly. After the trial, it's month to month, no contracts, cancel anytime. Sign up now and you could be generating realtor relationships by tomorrow! Start My Free Trial